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Custom Home Design

Our team of qualified designers can custom design a home to your specific needs and lifestyle. We provide our clients with innovative yet functional design solutions.

Renovation Design

Should you wish to renovate your home and add additional or more functional living space we can provide you with an aesthetically pleasing design tailored to your home and streetscape. .
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Computer 3D Renderings

Accuvision 2000 Inc. uses state of the art computer imaging software enabling us to provide photo-realistic rendering of your project. This service represents an invaluable marketing tool for builders and developers. It also allows our clients the opportunity to visualize what their project will look like when finished, well before construction actually begins. All of this work is handled "in-house" enabling us to have more control over the rendering process and the ability to hand over these requests in a timely cost-efficient manner.
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Project Management

Clients who wish to have the entire design and construction process facilitated under one roof can use our Project Management service. This allows better co-ordination throughout the design and construction process and inevitably saves time and money.

Design Planning Management